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Various Adoptables - OPEN by InvaderJes11 Various Adoptables - OPEN by InvaderJes11
Alright, so this is my first time making adoptables. Bear with me here. ^^; I just got curious and wanted to try it. It might be a nice way to earn some points to use and share with my friends. ^^

:bulletpurple:As you can see, these guys are 50:points: each. (I may be willing to budge on that a little bit, or I may just lower the prices after a while if no one's buying them. XD) They are, from left to right, a female human, a female fairy, and a male nekomimi. (Is "male nekomimi" an oxymoron?)

:bulletgreen:Once you've bought one, I can send you a fairly hi-res file of just that character without a watermark and including his/her color palette. Please do NOT repost this hi-res file anywhere without my permission.

:bulletpurple:If at some point you decide to relinquish ownership of your adoptable, you may resell it, but please notify me first and credit me.

:bulletgreen:Please do not claim that the design is yours, and credit me the first time you draw him/her. You can change any aspect of them.

:bulletpurple:Link me if you like, I'd love to see your art of them! :meow:

Alright! I think that's all. ^^

All artwork (C) *InvaderJes11
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January 24, 2013
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